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was founded because of some individuals who experienced and recognized the tremendous opportunity and doorways which open when working with the Crystal Quantum Radio – CQR- Technology from Brane-Power. We created this site to  make the  CQR Beacons and Amulets  available to as many people it can reach in this crucial time on our planet.

Have you felt the call to a larger life? Many feel the call to a larger life in these times of tremendous change. Once you agree and are willing to step up to the plate, the allies will come. Allies can be friends, networks, information, programs and methods to increase your level of skill and more. One such ally is the CQR -Quantum Crystal Radio Technology from Brane-Power.

Through raising of consciousness and your opening hearts and it’s resulting changes in our lives and actions will change happen. You need both Power and Love and you must feed the spirit, your essential self, in the midst of your daily life.  Crystal Quantum  Radio devices help bring this deeper dimension into your life. It is ultimately a life of higher service and deep love.

“Magic of today – is the science of tomorrow” E.J. Gold

Let the magic  do its work to help you in your process.

BeaconWork offers:

  • Information for Brane-Power Devices and Technology
  • Answers your questions about Brane-Power
  • Postings of Experience-Testimonials
  • Hot Brane-Power news
  • Helpful tips and hints on working with Beacons and Amulets
  • and it has some special sales offers from Yoyodyne Industries

And with any luck and providence, we will have a live community of those on the path who felt drawn to these devices and are using them on their journey.

The 2 main Crystal Quantum Radio categories are the  BEACONS and QUANTUM AMULETS .

BeaconWork is here to introduce you to the Quantum Crystal Radios which help you to drop out of your habitual beta brain wave patterns into deeper states,  awaken your intuition and creativity and become fluid and volitional in voyaging, astral travel, dealing with paranormal activities, drop into deep mediation in just a few minutes, finding your true self and a new life – facilitated through the Crystal Quantum Radio devices THE BEACONS and AMULETS created by E.J. Gold, who has been working tirelessly for half a century for the development of the harmonious integrated human being.

Our human existence is precious in the service to the divine. Raise your consciousness, access your deep self, your greater self, your power, and start manifesting  your deepest desire and purpose – with the help of Crystal Quantum Radios.


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